Coaching Description

What's Included in coaching Plans ?


  • Custom Training plan -Our workout programs are tailored to your current objectives. Designed to improve weak spots and balance out imbalances while strengthening essential body parts. As your body changes and as a result of our weekly check-ins, this plan can be modified at any time. Training programs for individuals wishing to train at home with little to no equipment are also available.
  • Custom Nutrition - One of the key elements of any training program is nutrition. Together with the client and coach, this plan is created. We construct this based on your daily routine, dietary demands, and nutritional requirements. Individuals can choose from both vegetarian and non vegetarian meal plans.
  • Check-ins - Every week or biweekly ( vary from plan to plan) the client will be contacted to get an update on their progress in order to make the suggested adjustments, this conversation is done to evaluate training performance, check-in images, weekly nutrition adaptation, and other weekly variables.
  • Video Assistance - Recorded videos will be sent to clients from selected plans if they demand an explanation of an exercise or to reevaluate their  exercise form.  


Once a client purchase a coaching plan a form is sent within 24 hours with a questionnaire which the details necessary to create a customised  program according to the clients  needs and the program is sent to the client  within 24 hours after receiving the questionnaire form back from the client